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ArizSota Business Consulting Company (ABCC) has been incorporated since 1983.  The CEO has held appointments in federal and state courts, and the firm accepts appointments for insolvency and other appointments in the bankruptcy, turnaround, and consulting areas.  The firm has served as Chief Restructuring Officer's (CRO's), and as a Receiver in financially or otherwise troubled companies.  During the past 30 years, the economy has seen great changes.  Is the Crisis over?  The FDIC report for the First Quarter of 2016, discusses a $99 Billion increase in Commercial & Industrial loans and a $30 Billion increase in Commercial Real Estate Loans. Check it out at and click on the Chairman's message..

Good News:  There was one bank that failed in the first quarter of 2016.    

Contact ABCC for an estimate of fees and costs to assist you in developing data and other information to become part of the "next greatest shift of wealth" that we will face in the coming months and years.  Click on the Contact Us tab above and complete the information.  We will acknowledge your request within a short time.  Thank you for your interest.

David S. Mork has completed by the end of 2013, numerous FDIC Resolution Assistance Contractor assignments for two National Accounting Firms as Project Manager and Overseer of the Project Managers for the FDIC failed banks across the USA.
If you are interested in arranging for a speaker on the current topic:  "Is There A Banking Crisis?" or other topics, for a fee plus expenses, send us an email.
David S. Mork and his associated firms have been a contractor to the FDIC and the RTC, and has worked on over 120 failed banks and thrifts.